Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September already???

Holy smokes where has the summer gone. Sheesh just seems like yesturday summer break started. Before to long we will have snow on the ground YUCK!! lol..... Well Labor Day weekend was jam packed full of working outside in the dirt LOL We had to dig a 3 ft deep and 200 ft long trench for a waterline to the barn and that literally took all 3 days. But we finished that up around 7pm last night....

I was able to get one LO done thought which felt good. I did the Scrap Attack Bog Challenge I loved how this turned out suimple but perfect for me LOL

I did get another one started but havent had the chance to finish it yet.

We also had some fun on the 4 Wheeler too. Alesha learned how to drive it by herself this weekend the 4 wheeler has a clutch so she learned how to use it very quickly. She took me for a ride too Oh My she went over one of the jumps ( we have a 4 wheeler track with a bunch of huge jumps) and one of them *as shown in the picture* scared the crap out of me LMAO. She flew over it and Ambyr got the pic to prove it Oh My........

Anyway that was my weekend ! until next time have a great one

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