Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well She got 'em

Alesha's glasses came in today, since they had a 1/2 day we headed for the dr's and just got home of course I had to get pics LOL so wanted to share. I think they look great on her, It was funny watching her "see" again LOL She was reading everything she could

This is her before she got glasses and her with them. they fit her personality

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More scrappin and goals met

Woohooo Not only did I get a couple more Layouts done I also met my Goal of 20 Lo's this month and I still have a few more days to create some more. I am so proud of myself LOL..... I used a sketch that Chris made. Love her sketches. Anyway here they are

Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting some scrappin in

Its been so long since I have scrapped or at least it feels that way LOL I was able to scrap yesturday and it felt so good ( i wasnt so lucky today though) Hoping to scrap some more this weekend So here is what I have gotten done ( oh and now I am only 2 away from my goal this month Wooohooo

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Glasses again

Well I took Alesha to Eye Dr's Yesturday for a checkup she has been getting headaches at school alot so figured it was time. Turns out her vision is actually well but she indeed needs glasses for reading and computer. Her Dr put the prescription lens in and had her read a book for about 10 minutes to make sure no headaches occured. Unfortunaly for her the Dr asked Ambyr if she could use her book LOL so Alesha got stuck reading Stephen King LOL Here are a couple "aweful" pics I snapped with my cell phone. they aren't the best but owell. She looked so goofy in these..... They wouldnt let me take pics of her trying on glasses Not sure why but owell

Then on the way home she said MOM I dont want Braces, I said where did that come from she then said MOM I WILL LOOK LIKE UGLY BETTY!!! LMAO LMAO She said she would only have 1 at a time either glasses or braces Not both ..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Well here we go again

almost 10 ten has passed since my last post UGGGh...... Which also means I havent scrapped in almost 10 days. THATS WRONG!!!! lol Well I guess with Sick kids and house that needed cleaned it went by too fast. I am determined to get some scrapping in this week LOL.......I have finally finished the Twilight Saga so I wont have that distraction heheheh.....

Friday, January 9, 2009

I have been busy

I have been busy the last 2 days It felt nice to just sit down and scrap with no distractions LOL Here is everything I have gotten done I am planning to do more this weekend too

Monday, January 5, 2009

Finally a scrap day

I didn't get alot done but did get 3 Lo's completed. I am having a hard time "getting my mojo in gear" So I just went with the flow on these I like how they turned out.

I blurred out the word as I didnt want to offend anyone ;)
The story is My DH was being a a*& on the first day of school last year. I wanted a pic of him with the girls and he made me take a pic of there "booties" BECAUSE.... Every year since the girls started school I ALWAYS take a picture of there backs ( you know with there back packs on) its smething I just do well he wanted to be included in the "Rear view"

My Horse is a hoot He loves doing this face, He does it often I was just glad I was able to get a picture of him LOL....

Alesha this past Halloween, I loved this picture of her So went simple with the LO to focus more on her

Closeup of the Web I glittered

Thursday, January 1, 2009

OMG I am a Slacker!!!

I havent updated in soooo long its pitiful......I havent even visited anyones in awhile... Uggggh thats bad. But with the Holidays I have been busy with the Girls and Hubby....It has been a great Break though, I have had alot of fun just chillin with them, Going to be kinda sad when the girls head back to school Monday as well as DH heading back to work. It will be so quiet around here :( What will I ever do with my time....HMMMMM SCRAPBOOK sounds fun LOL I have a goal set for 2009 and lets hope I can keep it My goal is at least 20 LO's a month, for a Grand total of 240 this year..... That is such a big number........ So I really better get started LOL, it wont be so bad this winter but come spring and summer it will be tough as I know I will want to be outside.... But we will see when it comes that time I suppose.....

I Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS and you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR......