Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Cow .....

I can't believe its been almost a month since my last post Ok that is BAD BAD BAD lol....... that just blows my mind LOL... Alot has happened lets see... Alot with my Oldest Ambyr but all is soo good I am proud of both of my girls ...Everyday they impress me more and more.

  • 1.Ambyr got accepted into a College Nursing program for her Junior and Senior year of High School. The school Pays for her to go to the Carreer center 4 hours a day By the time she graduates High school she will also be a LPN... WOW WOW WOW.

  • 2. Ambyr competed at State in TSA ( Technology Student Association) She won 1 Gold and 2 Silvers and is now TSA Missouri State Vice President.. WOOO HOOO I am sooo Proud of her.. She will get to attend Nationals in Denver the end of June 1st of July. Alesha and I are gonna plan on going with her. What an amazing oppurunity for her......

  • 3. Ambyr also won 1st place in the Science fair and her project is going to district another WOOHOO.

  • 4.Alesha has been doing so well in school I am so proud of her All A's and B's (1 C) so cant complain to much

  • 5. Alesha went to her Junior High Semi formal dance.... Doesnt she look BEAUTIFUL?

  • 6. What else??...... Oh Yeah Dad has been working on a Go Kart for Alesha, It's not complete yet but she was able to test drive it ( no brakes on this baby yet ) She loved it though and cant wait until its 100% complete.....

I think thats it in regards to the fun and exciting stuff going on around here.... Since my last post I have done tons of LO's sooo Now here they are LOL

And My cards


I Hope everyone is still awake LOL spread the word and keep your eye out for my blog challenge coming soon....... Have a great day Ladies....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Scrappin Time :)

Well I have been scrappin the last few days. Thought I would update with my latest......

Close up of the shine LOL

Sunday, March 8, 2009

One of those days

Well I didnt get any scrapping in today. I helped Ambyr with finishing touches of her science fair project and cleaned. But am Sad now. My Mom and Uncle were supposed to be here tomarrow but Plans got changed I was so looking forward to there visit and My uncle staying with us for a few weeks....... But Everything happens for a reason so I have to accept that....... I did get 1 LO finished over the weekend

Okay on that note I think I am gonna call it a night.....and then Scrap my frustrations away tomarrow LOL

Thursday, March 5, 2009

March already.......

I still cant believe March is here, Seems just like yesturday it was December LOL. I have Done a few cards and LO's so far this month Hoping to scrap some more today... Its supposed to be in the 70's today WOOHOO. I am sooo ready for spring it isnt even funny..

This is a "going Green" LO I cut up my 2008 Twisted Whiskers Calendar for the title and the goofy picture and journaling block and I used pop tabs as well..... This LO cracks me up.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

woohoo I did it

I met my scrappy goal for the month..... I really didnt think I was going to though I was sweating bullets this morning when I was still 8 away ugggh So I went to town and got scrappy.......... So here are my LO's I got done As well as 3 I did last week for MSW Crop.... So 20 Lo's done for the month and Now I get to start over again LOL this time I AM NOT waiting till the last minute to get scrappy LOL

This first LO is My fav so far this year...It is such a reminder how fast they grow up.....My baby isnt a baby anymore. She is dating and looking for colleges etc....and well just growing up so quick......