Friday, October 31, 2008


WOW Cant believe Halloween is already here. Time is flying by. I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Hallowen, Here are some pics I took

.Alesha was "supposed" to be a Vixen Vampire but her fangs wouldnt stay in so she went as "Well a purple something or another lol) But she looked adorable anyway.......Ambyr was "supposed" to be Pippi Longstockings But when we got into town eveyone was complementing her on her "WENDY" outfit ( you know from wendy's fastfood LOL) so she is either or. But anyway here are some pics. The girls went with their friends tonight :( they didnt want mom or dad to go this year :( they grow up way to fast.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mojo has returned LOL

Well I have been busy a scrapping. and Let me tell you it feels Soooo good LOL... Here is what I have done the last 2 days. The first 5 are Scraplifts from SAS members (in this order Michelle, Denise Sheree,Kelly,Lara)for the Croppy Cat challenges I still have 2 more to do to be caught up on that challenge. Hoping to work on them tomarrow.

This one is for the Scrapbook Play Challenges "Stamping on fabric"

Well other then My mojo Returning Ohh and changes to a fall theme on here Not to much going on....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yeee-Haaa I scrapped "Finally"

Well I have been in such a slump lately and havent been able to get my Mojo to work with my hands LOL So after weeks of staring at my desk and trying so hard to get something to work Finally It happened My Mojo has returned I do believe..... Or should I say Hope......anyway here are the 2 I have gotten done..... Now I Just need less "other" things to do so I can scrap some more LOL.... alrighty here they are

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bad Blogger Alert!!!

Yup that is Me.........OMGosh I cant believe how long I havent blogged.... Not really much to talk aboout even though its been a few weeks.... LOL Lets see Candle sales are going pretty well. Put in a "big" order 2 weeks ago. so that is a plus LOL, Gotta keep spreading the word.... I was down with a Migraine for 3 days last week, I havent had one this long in a LONG time.. this sucker put me on the couch with no sund no light no nothing..... ugggh Aweful I tell you.... I did get a cool picture last week We have had a bad time with snakes lately as they are heading for warmer spots we had to kill 5 of them next to our pool. Didnt need the girls are dogs getting bit..... so I wasnt suprised to find another one, But this one was right off the back deck and I had to get pictures of it. you dont see this often so I was all for it...... Love my new camera didnt have to get to close LOL Click on the pics these look awesome big LOL. Or maybe its just me LOLOLOL

This weekend was Fun the girls rode the 4-wheeler all weekend They are both doing so well going over the jumps on the track.... Scott added 2 more jumps to it which they just loved testing out...Here are a couple pics

I havent had anytime to really sit and scrap, I hoping since we are expecting rain/snow flurries the next 2 days I can bundle up and scrap the day away... Heres hoping anyway LOL........... Sorry to bore ya LOL

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fun Fun Weekend

Well I didnt get to scrap as planned but thats ok. I had my "rent-a-daughters" her this weekend. I have known these girls since they were little Heidi (the oldest) and Abi the youngest I have known for 9 years ( all of Abi's life) and they are special to me. I am the 2nd mom LOL. So its always a blast having them come down for the weekend.. Here are a few of my fav pics from this weekend.

Friday, October 3, 2008

16 years!~!

WOW it has been 16 years since DH and I said "I DO" Holy cow how time flies. yup we have had our ups and our downs but we are extremely happy. I love him more today then I ever thought possible. He is my everything!

Now granted DH and I have 2 anniversaries We do celebrate them both We eloped 16 years ago today and It was the most beautiful moment of our life. We just wanted to "secure" our love and my parents thought it was too soon * we met the end of June and were married 3 1/2 short months later. We knew what we wanted but Being I was afraid of my mother HAHA I kept it from her for well 11 years LOLOLOL But I found out I was pregnant shortly after DH and I eloped and was scared to tell my mom as she wanted the most beautiful wedding for me. Who was I to deny that to her. So we kept quiet and My mom had this gorgeous dress custom made for me. and we were due to be "married on Feb 13th 1993 and On Dec 9th I couldnt stand it any longer and called and told my mom I was almost 4 months pregnant and I was starting to really show. Yeah well She was furious but excited about her very first grandchild. to make a long story Short on Dec 19th ( 10 days after i told her I was prego) Dh and I said "I DO" again in front of all of our friends and family In this gorgeous church decorated to the max. Soooo Each ceremony holds its own special memories we knew we had to celebrate them both LOL......

Someday I really need to scrap that story LOL.

So Thats it for me today I am looking forward to the next many many many years with him. So Honey if you are reading this I just want you to know I LOVE YOU MORE THEN ANYTHING! You are my Life and I am so thankful for you.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not much scrapping time

I havent had alot of time to scrap Lately :( been busy with my youngest being Sick and my Oldest having Homecoming week so Just been going from day to day. Over the past weekend I did get a LO and a few cards done,

I am hoping to sit and scrap this weekend darnit LOL I have so much I want to do its just finding the time right now. We will see LOL......Hope everyone has a great Day