Thursday, August 28, 2008


I havent blogged in almost a month What the heck is up with that LOL..... Well With kids being gone and then returning to Alesha's Ear Surgery to School starting, Dentist appointments galore.. Can you Say BRACES ugggggh..... I am suprised I have had time to scrap. The crop at SAS really got me pumped I didnt get alot done but had so much fun. Now I am "trying" to enterttain myself while the server is down at SAS and OMG I didnt realize how hard that is. I am sooo used to being logged in and hitting refresh at the click of the mouse so today was a bore LOL that may sound pathetic But I love the ladies over there and I miss them when I dont get to chat.... Awww well hopefully I can get some things done but that would mean I would have to quit trying to log onto the forum every 5 min LOL....... I will try and get some LO's uploaded tomarrow when I am on my PC ...My Laptop doesnt have them on here.... Ok Ok I am rambling So I will be on my way for another day....

Ohhhhhh I almost forgot Incase you missed my post on the forum Look at my new purse It should be here tomarrow I sooo cant wait