Sunday, February 24, 2008

DRUM ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOOHOOO IT IS FINISHED>>>>> I am sooo happy with the new room It is so inviting now and cozy and pretty LOL....... I dont know why it took so long to do it heheheh. But excited to have it done. I am scared to mess it up but With any luck this is how it will always look Or so I have been threatened by my Lovely Hubby heheh. anyway here you have it BEFORE and AFTER

Monday, February 18, 2008

WOW sooo close to being finished

WOW this is coming to fast and I am loving it,. Here it is from the beinginning We started on this friday ( well I had all my scrapstuff put away earlier last week) But we have come so far. I love my Hubby soooo Much he has worked very hard. We were both very worn out but 9 last night we decided we would quit for the evening. he has to work today so he needed some rest.... I have to work on the floor today scrapping it. ( its amazing what the floor looks like under carpet lol) and hopefully we will start laying the tile tonight. and with any luck i will be able to start moving back in Tuesday or Wednesday. So the next set of pictures you should see are the finished ones. LOL......