Monday, September 29, 2008

Well I finally splurged

I have been wanting a new camera for 3 years and I finally got one. I was very picky when it came to my camera we went to 6 differnet stores looking for the right one and I found it and at a decent price too. I fell in love with this and boy howdy when I got home and started playing with it I was amazed at what i have been missing LOL My little rinky dink digital stands no chance against my new one. WOW I cant wait to learn everything on this. well this is what I got a

Canon S5 IS and its loaded 12x optical zoom rocks LOL its a 8.0 Megapixel.... here are some stock photos of it so you can see how pretty she is LOL

So here are a few of my first pictures from my new baby. Just a few of the "Granimals" LOL I hope to get outside and take some more in the coming days anyway thats it for today

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wow how time flies

I can't believe its already Wednesday my gosh the last few days have flown by. I have been super busy and havent had a chance to scrap :( But its all good stuff. I got me a NEW Dell Laptop It arrived on Monday .WOOOOHOOO isnt she pretty LOL

I decided to get rid of my desktop to get this laptop and so far very worth it. I absolutely love this. LOL I had a laptop before but it was older so I gave that one to Alesha . And lately it looks like I am into RED lol Now my New Cell phone and New Laptop match...I Have been busy transferring files from my desktop to the laptop so not much time to scrap or do anything for that matter, But almost got it all loaded. But wanted to share I am sooo excited.

On other news I Won the blog challenge on the Scrap Attack's Blog. I was shocked. Everyones entries were awesome. So I was so suprised to see my name. WOOHOO Thanks Rusty Pickle Chefs for choosing my LO.

The {SAS}sy Scrap Pink Crop is Coming up this weekend I so cant wait to see what the ladies have in store for us. I am going to make sure my desk is cleaned, my scissors are ready, my knife is sharp, and my house is quiet LOL......
Okay that is it for now, I better get my bootie in gear the girls only have a half day today so need to get a few things done.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby

Not much to report today But this

I want Wish My youngest Daughter Alesha a VERY HAPPY 13th B-day I hope you Loved everything you got I love you Bunches You take care of your new cell phone

Monday, September 15, 2008


2 Posts In One day are you all proud of me

I have been tagged by Lauri at Scrap Attack Thanks Girl for picking my Blog

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Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone.......

I want to wish my wonderful Husband Scott a Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today. I love you sweetheart

Hope everyone had a great weekend, Ours was very Rainy and cold, But the sun is out today so that is a plus .I got a couple Layouts done this weekend. Both for challenges on the Scrap Attack

Here is What I got done this first one was for a scraplift challenge. I scraplifted one of the members on the forum Peggy. here is her LO

And here is mine

This one was for Alecia's Sketch Challenge

On another note I SCORED big time this weekend while we were out.... Went into a tool store with DH ( which also has misc computer, household items) was walking around and my eyes zoomed in on the "Cricut symbol" thought NO WAY. Sure enough it was the Cricut Design Studio Brand New in the package, I looked at the price and snagged that puppy up. I got it for .....You ready for this...... $4.99 NO JOKE I about wet myself LOL I dont know if it was mis priced or what But I wasnt about to ask questions LOL I got home and went to town playing with it.... In the 4th of july LO above I used it to create the title........

Alrighty that is it for now Hope everyone has a wonderful Day

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Half way to the weekend

Well we are half way to the weekend WOOHOO. I think now that school has started back up I look forward to the weekend because I can sleep in and just relax. I had intentions of scrapping today but woke up with a killer migraine so I didn't do much of anything today. Hope tomarrow is better. I need to get some thank you cards made for sure. I also got me a 2 new cricut cartridges coming. I soo cant wait to get them and play with them. I have the PLANTIN SCHOOLBOOKand the JASMINE one coming. Hope they get here by the weekend But I doubt it LOL.

Alesha's 13th Birthday is next week so have to plan for that as well. She is having a BON-FIRE She invited 22 ppl and so far only have 7 RSVP's I really hope more show up. I know I may regret saying that but you only become a teenager once LOL. And of course she wants it all. You know things Like a new computer a 4 wheeler cell phone etc etc.....Sheesh I dont have any babys left. they dont like toys anymore. which makes shopping so hard ugggh

Candle News
I got my candle kit today and was in awe. holy cow I got 80 different scents I am soo in love LOL. Now I know I will be ordering my favorties pretty soon. YUMM-O The girls have their favorites too. I think over the next month or 2 I am going to order some for their rooms as well. I am still learning I am confused on so many things. I think I will sit down and read the handbook and get more familiar with it tomarrow. I will be a pro at it one of these days HAHA

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Scrappy Weekend

I didnt get alot dont this weekend But I did get some done LOL..... I love how all of these turned out .

Other then that not to much went on this weekend. Worked a little outside got the horse moved over to the other pasture. and got a butt load of laundry done... Ambyr leaves for Jefferson City tomarrow for a TSA Meeting, she will be back Tuesday evening.

Candle News
Got another Candle order from one of my scrappy friends Thanks Girl You are gonna love these candles.

My Candle Kit should be here on Wednesday I can not wait to smell all the yummy scents I believe I am getting 60 or 70 scents. One of my friends is booking a party for next month. As with any new business things start out slow But I am sure it will pick up after I get my name out there. I am excited. Still so new so I have alot to learn still

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I LOVE Good News

Well today I took Alesha to the Easr Dr for her Post Op visit and the goodnews is she has 100% hearing again..... I am sooo excited I cant even begin to tell you how this makes me feel.....Although she still has a small hole in her ear but they did a patch today in the office over half of the hole so she has 6 weeks until her next appoitment so we will see if it heals completely or not... But either way we are both so happy that she is on the mend WOOOOOHOOOO


I am now a consultant for a wickless candle company called Scentsy(my sister got me started) and OMG this is the absolute best candle out there.... I am sooo not kidding. I have had tons of candles and this one is the best...No I am not just saying that because I want busines because there is NO WAY I would invest my own money and time into it If i didnt believe it 100%. My sister has sold them for some time well she gave me one for my b-day and ever since then I have been in LOVE. the scents are amazing and they last so long. and the best thing is they are SAFE. No wick, No flame, No soot, No smoke, and No wax evaporation AWESOME I TELL YOU AWESOME....If you get a moment take a peek at my site ...I have also added a link to the side so you can always find it........ *******GO SCENTS********

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September already???

Holy smokes where has the summer gone. Sheesh just seems like yesturday summer break started. Before to long we will have snow on the ground YUCK!! lol..... Well Labor Day weekend was jam packed full of working outside in the dirt LOL We had to dig a 3 ft deep and 200 ft long trench for a waterline to the barn and that literally took all 3 days. But we finished that up around 7pm last night....

I was able to get one LO done thought which felt good. I did the Scrap Attack Bog Challenge I loved how this turned out suimple but perfect for me LOL

I did get another one started but havent had the chance to finish it yet.

We also had some fun on the 4 Wheeler too. Alesha learned how to drive it by herself this weekend the 4 wheeler has a clutch so she learned how to use it very quickly. She took me for a ride too Oh My she went over one of the jumps ( we have a 4 wheeler track with a bunch of huge jumps) and one of them *as shown in the picture* scared the crap out of me LMAO. She flew over it and Ambyr got the pic to prove it Oh My........

Anyway that was my weekend ! until next time have a great one