Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Half way to the weekend

Well we are half way to the weekend WOOHOO. I think now that school has started back up I look forward to the weekend because I can sleep in and just relax. I had intentions of scrapping today but woke up with a killer migraine so I didn't do much of anything today. Hope tomarrow is better. I need to get some thank you cards made for sure. I also got me a 2 new cricut cartridges coming. I soo cant wait to get them and play with them. I have the PLANTIN SCHOOLBOOKand the JASMINE one coming. Hope they get here by the weekend But I doubt it LOL.

Alesha's 13th Birthday is next week so have to plan for that as well. She is having a BON-FIRE She invited 22 ppl and so far only have 7 RSVP's I really hope more show up. I know I may regret saying that but you only become a teenager once LOL. And of course she wants it all. You know things Like a new computer a 4 wheeler cell phone etc etc.....Sheesh I dont have any babys left. they dont like toys anymore. which makes shopping so hard ugggh

Candle News
I got my candle kit today and was in awe. holy cow I got 80 different scents I am soo in love LOL. Now I know I will be ordering my favorties pretty soon. YUMM-O The girls have their favorites too. I think over the next month or 2 I am going to order some for their rooms as well. I am still learning I am confused on so many things. I think I will sit down and read the handbook and get more familiar with it tomarrow. I will be a pro at it one of these days HAHA


Alesha said...

o that is kool i didnt know you got them sweet have fun with them

Chris said...

fun ..... wanna fly up here and do a party lol

Kelly C said...

those candles look yummy!!