Friday, November 7, 2008

I am such a Door Knob

LOL I came on this morning to make a post and then had to leave so it did that auto draft thing when I came back i went to delete it restart another one and I deleted my last post instead of the draft I am such a DOOR KNOB LOL Oh well live and learn I suppose.

Well My internet went out Wednesday night after bad storms well we still had some but it was verrrrry slow worse then dial up i think LOL We figured by morning it would be all better..NOPE it was the same UGGGH So I called tech support and they had me resetting changing uplugging etc which only made it worse and eventually killed the internet, SOOOO they sent a tech out this morning to see what was going on, and my Modem was DEAD... So they replaced it and were on their way they were here a whole 10 minutes LOL but good thing is I got a new modem and it was FREE and my internet is faster then before WOOOHOO'

Well here are are few scrappy things I have done.

I made a coupon book, I wanted something "Trendy" to take with me shopping. I am not done with it yet, I still need to add a few things to the back side of the coupon holder pages. But thats no biggy so here it is

and then I found this template of a froggy online and Created this card on my cricut, Its not a very good picture as i couldnt get the lighting right but oh well LOL

Okay thats it for now. I better go get something done LOL.


Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

That's a great idea Pam, it looks great! (wanna make an extra one!) lol! Glad to see you using the cricut, the frog is too cool!

Pat said...

Really cute coupon book & love your festive blog!

Dria said...

Funtastic creation Pam!

Just Jess said...

your coupon book rocks! i need to make one now

Alecia said...

What a COOL idea, love it Pam!!!